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Today was not a good day. It’s everything because of my motivation, I do not have. But now it’s going to change. Who I am? I’m 16yrs old girl, won’t event write my name. I’m anorexic for almost 2 years. I’m depressed. I write i English to make many people don’t understand me, if you do you’re welcome. Indeed, I don’t fucking care and don’t hate on me because of language I use. My life, my choices. Not yours.

My weight is almost healthy but I’m afraid of getting fatty. I will write here what I think, not everyday, maybe once or twice a week. Have no idea.

Ok. My creator (I am not able to use “dad” word) bites me. I’ll be never normal if I’m forced to live here. I made my own hell, for me, for my own. If u want to inquire something get closer.